Hiring a professional Dallas cleaning service provider is now almost a necessity. However, there are plenty of Dallas cleaning service providers out in the market. There are cleaning service providers that are family owned and there are franchises. So, how can one choose the right one? To help you, here’s what you need to know when you’re hiring a professional Dallas cleaning service provider:

Flat Rate Pricing

Most cleaning service providers will charge you by the hour, by project or by the number of professional cleaners they send to your home.

When you hire a Dallas cleaning service provider, choose one that provides you with a fixed rate. Flat rates eliminate the hourly pay and you don’t have to guesstimate how much you have to pay.

Insured and Bonded Cleaners

A responsible Dallas cleaning service provider should carry liability bond and insurance. They also should be able to have an insurance policy just in case something unexpected would happen. This protects you in case something goes missing, gets damaged, or broken.

You’ll have peace of mind every time they clean your home. Here at Service To Clean, all of our employees are insured and bonded, thus you’re protected.

Employee Background Check

A good Dallas cleaning service provider would always check the backgrounds of their employees. Knowing that a company performs a background check can give you assurance. You and your home’s safety will be protected, allowing you to feel safe.

Plus, a responsible Dallas cleaning service provider should be able to tell you if the cleaner will be the same one to work with you every time.

Ask What’s Included

You should ask the cleaning service provider what kind of services are included when they clean your home. Knowing what services they’ll provide you allows you to know what to expect.


Hire Service To Clean For Your Home Cleaning

If you’re looking for a North Dallas cleaning service provider, that will provide you the best rates, background checked employees, insured and bonded employees, then get in touch with us here at Service To Clean. We are easy to call or text at 469-447-8849. Email us for a no-hassle quote: info@servicetoclean.com

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